Acquiring A Sufat Sheleg Pup

"Happiness is a warm desert puppy". We make a point of getting to know our potential pup owners far in advance to help further their education about the breed. All serious inquiries are asked to complete a
"Puppy Application Questionnaire" which helps us evaluate and screen all potential homes. You will also find this questionnaire is a great tool that might raise questions you may not yet have addressed. We try to ensure that people purchasing our pups have the best chance of success and each puppy finds the right home for their personality.

We are not a pet shop - somewhere you  put your money down and randomly choose that cute doggie in the window.  If you are in a RUSH for a pup, then we are not the breeders for you. We work in tandem with "approved" placements to determine the best possible pup for your home, be it show, performance, or companion.

Approved homes are placed on a waiting list. If there are not enough pups in the litter, or the right match is not available at that time, we will place you on the reserved list for a future breeding or refer you to another respected breeder. Our puppies are available to the right homes between 8-10 weeks of age.

Establishing a strong working relationship between Breeder and Owner is very important to us. We are not breeders that go “poof” after you take your new desert pooch home. We view our placement homes as an extension of our Canaan Dog family and are always available for guidance and support throughout the lifetime of  your Canaan addition. This is also important to us as breeders so we can track the health and temperament of our bloodlines.

A Word on Colour
With this breed in particular, it is hard to predict the outcome of the colours in a litter. As breeders, it is crucial to match the right temperament with the right home.  However, for those who are interested in showing, correct colour and markings are taken into consideration. Please read
 A WORD ON COLOUR for more discussion.

Final Contracts
Puppies are sold as show, breeding, performance, or companion, on either limited or full CKC registration privileges. Final contracts are reviewed and discussed far in advance of ownership.

We look to our future litters to hold dogs that will be lovable family companions first and foremost. We look forward to these dogs also fulfilling their destiny as strong performance dogs in a variety of disciplines.

We are always available to answer questions and share our experiences on all aspects of health, training, and the history and education about our breed.

Michelle & Larry
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