Our Breeding Philosophy

The goal of every good breeder should be to improve upon the previous generation.  You want to pass along the strong traits, and control or eliminate the weak ones.  Thus, selection of appropriate mates is essential.  And to do this one must have a vision for your breed of dog.

We are so fortunate that the Menzels so aptly laid out the proper vision for the Type 3 Pariah dog from Palestine, better known today as the Canaan Dog.  By following their guidelines, one can retain the natural characteristics of this unique breed, while at the same time breeding for dogs that will fit so well into today's society.

The official Israel Standard of the Breed (registered in 1953 with the  Israel Kennel Club (I.K.C.) aims at preserving the wild dog characteristics of the breed  as much as possible in looks and with regard to their frugality in feeding, care, and their resistance to indigenous diseases.”

Understanding that the Menzel's purpose was to use the dogs to work with Man, the true nature of the Canaan Dog can be understood.  They can learn quickly and work effectively

if one has an understanding that "self-preservation" is high on the Canaan Dog's list of traits. This is "key" to training and fostering their working potential with human pack leaders. This is a breed that has tended sheep, guarded camps, demonstrated reliability as a Red Cross messenger, and helped care for the young and infirm. 


We heartily disagree with any breed organization around the world that would want to change the Menzels' vision for their own nearsighted and selfish interests.  Changing breed standards to suit what dogs exist today and introducing dogs that are not Type 3 pariah dogs only moves the Canaan further away from its origins.  Efforts should be directed to holding on to the ideal and preserving the breed of dog that developed and thrived in the Israeli deserts.

We look to our future litters to hold dogs that will be lovable family companions first and foremost.  We look forward to these dogs also fulfilling their destiny as strong performance dogs in a variety of disciplines.