Our Kennel Philosophy

It is the vision of the Canaan Dog founders', Drs. Rudolphina and Rudolph Menzel that we endeavour to preserve. The Type 3 pariah dog that they studied and bred and helped to flourish outside of Israel is the ideal that we at Sufat Sheleg set as our goal. We would prefer that our puppies go to homes that will provide a raw diet and limited vaccination protocol. We have followed these approaches for years with our Canaan Dogs and feel committed to passing along our knowledge to the people that receive a Sufat Sheleg puppy. We realize that our philosophies are not for everyone, but we are of the belief that a natural approach best suits this ancient breed.

We encourage our new owners to keep their Canaans challenged with performance training. We have found this to be a vital component in keeping them stimulated both mentally and physically, and helps to reinforce the bond between owner and dog.

You will note that we have been quite active with numerous performance disciplines including herding, obedience and tracking. We have found this breed to be quite versatile in their abilities, and, as a result, have attracted prospective working homes. At this stage in our breeding programme, we feel we can give back to the breed what the Menzels envisioned - a natural dog that can be trained to assist man in a working capacity.


Our Canaan Crew are not kenneled outside. They live with us in our home as part of our family and work as stock and tending dogs on cattle. They are our ultimate working companions who are also exceptional watchdogs protecting their land from predators.They are an integral part of our daily lives and are cherished and loyal members of our pack.


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