Evaluation Process

How does our evaluation process work?

Serious inquiries are asked to fill out a questionnaire. What does a serious inquiry mean?  We are very passionate about preserving our breed and are interested in homes who have done their research and want to learn more about our breed. You will also find this questionnaire is a great tool that might raise questions you may not yet have addressed. We encourage you tell us as much as possible about yourself and  your reasons for a dog, and this breed in particular. You can download a questionnaire at the bottom of this section or request one by e-mailing us.

2. Once the questionnaire is completed we will review it and contact you . Filling out the questionnaire gives us an opportunity to learn more about you as a potential owner of one of our pups. We encourage you to learn as much as you can about us and our dogs, our approaches to training, health, nutrition, and the history of our breed. The more questions you have, the better!

3. Next, we will schedule an appointment so you can  meet us and our Canaan crew. If distance is a problem, we can discuss other arrangements.

Michelle & Larry
Sufat Sheleg Canaan Dogs

Sufat Sheleg Canaan Dogs Puppy Questionnaire
Sufat Sheleg Canaan Dogs Puppy Applicati
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