Sufat Sheleg Rearing Philosophy

The life journey for a dog begins in the whelping box.  Actually, it begins when two healthy, active dogs mate. That should always be the first consideration.  But the path to being a companion to a family begins with his mother and littermates.

New people, noises, travels can all be introduced as they age.  By exposing them in increments and allowing them to realize that they are safe, new adventures will be greeted with excitement.  No dog should be so afraid of something new that they recoil from it.  Dogs are naturally curious, so we should provide them with lots of opportunities to explore.


While mom will know best how to care for the pups, we can help by exposing them to various stimuli as they get older. Early neurological stimulation through the SUPER DOG PROGRAMME  is just one method that we utilize with our litters.

The best puppies that we have met have been home raised, with the whelping box in a central location so that the puppies immediately become part of the home. They become acclimatized to noises, smells, people and other dogs, while feeling safe with their siblings and mom.

With an eye to training toward performance or service venues, we can then offer an objective evaluation of the temperament and fitness of our dogs. 

Our puppies are weaned on the raw diet, vaccinated with their first shots, microchipped and registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. Puppies are available to the right homes between 8-10 weeks of age.