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of Sufat Sheleg Canaan Dogs

Raven, Alberta


Dedicated to Fostering the Health, Temperament, & Working Potential of the Canaan Dog that their Founders “The Menzels” Sought to Nurture and Preserve

Without the efforts of the Menzels we would not have the Canaan Dog of today. In the mid-1930s, they were driven by the concerns of their mentor, Prof. Dr. Hauck in Vienna, to study the pariah dogs and protect them from endangerment. Through their intensive research the Menzels observed that certain Pariah Dog traits were highly adaptable to living with man, and with training, could service him as a working dog.


We soon found ourselves intrigued by the pariahs and later learned to love these most neglected creations, these dogs for whom the desire for attachment to human beings beats so strongly that they are satisfied when they recognize that a person really means well toward them and they may trust him.”


Dres. R and R Menzel, (Our Breed’s Founders)
B'nei HaBitachon Canaan Dogs - Palestine, 1934

"Pariahunde", translated by Bryna Comsky, Ha'Aretz Canaan Dogs.